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Antivirus & (MDM) in Auckland

Let's Discuss Antivirus & (MDM) Needs

Start your journey with us by booking a free consultation. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to meet your goals.

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09 242 2121

Antivirus & (MDM)​ Service provider in Auckland

Secure Your Digital Assets with Data Cal's Antivirus & Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

In the current digital landscape, safeguarding your organization’s data and devices from myriad threats is crucial. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Data Cal is committed to delivering robust Antivirus and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to ensure the sanctity and security of your digital assets.

Our Antivirus & MDM Offerings:

Comprehensive Antivirus Solutions: Secure your organizational infrastructure from malicious software, ransomware, and other cyber threats with our cutting-edge antivirus solutions designed to provide real-time protection and threat removal.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Gain control over the mobile devices within your organization. Our MDM solutions allow for secure device enrollment, application deployment, and policy enforcement to ensure a secure mobile ecosystem.

Device Security Assessments: Evaluate the security posture of your devices and network with our thorough device security assessments aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations.

Threat Monitoring and Response: Stay ahead of potential threats with our continuous threat monitoring and response services, ensuring swift action against any malicious activity targeting your devices.

Cloud-Based Antivirus: Leverage the power of cloud technology for enhanced antivirus protection that is always up-to-date and provides centralized security management.

Customized Security Policies: Implement tailored security policies to meet your organization’s unique needs, ensuring a balanced approach to device security and user accessibility.

Why Choose Data Cal for Antivirus & MDM?

Expertise: Draw upon our extensive expertise in cybersecurity to provide reliable and effective antivirus and MDM solutions tailored to secure your digital environment.

Client-Centric Approach: Benefit from a client-centric approach that ensures personalized service tailored to meet the unique security needs and objectives of your organization.

Competitive Pricing: Experience the balance of robust security and cost-effectiveness through our competitive pricing model, ensuring optimal antivirus and MDM solutions within your budget.

Embark on a journey towards a secure and controlled digital ecosystem with Data Cal’s Antivirus & MDM solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to assist in fortifying your organizational devices and networks against the evolving threat landscape. Together, let’s create a secure digital foundation that fosters productivity and business continuity.

Comprehensive Protection

Our advanced Antivirus & MDM solutions provide end-to-end security, shielding your devices from malware and ensuring secure access management, fostering a worry-free digital environment.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience intuitive interfaces that make managing your devices a breeze. Our user-friendly design ensures effortless navigation, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the technicalities.

Threat Detection

tay ahead of potential threats with our proactive approach. Our systems detect vulnerabilities before they're exploited, enabling timely preventive measures and minimizing cybersecurity risks.

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Best Antivirus & (MDM)​ Provider

Your Shield in the Digital Realm: Antivirus & MDM Excellence

Empower your cybersecurity strategy with our Antivirus & Mobile Device Management (MDM) expertise. We offer a robust defense against digital threats and seamless control over your device ecosystem.

Device Management

Simplify device management with our MDM expertise. Easily configure settings, deploy applications, and enforce policies across your mobile fleet.

Security Protocols

Tailor your security preferences with our customizable protocols. From malware scans to app restrictions, our solutions adapt to your unique business needs

Encryption & Backup

Protect your vital data with our advanced encryption and backup features. Safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access and ensure business continuity with regular, automated backups

24/7 Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our round-the-clock support. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you, ensuring uninterrupted protection and reliable assistance whenever you need it.


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Our offerings include Comprehensive Antivirus Solutions, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Device Security Assessments, Threat Monitoring and Response, Cloud-Based Antivirus, and Customized Security Policies.

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