Case Study: Bentleys Accountants

Case Study

From Balance Sheets to Social Feeds: Bentleys Accountants' Journey to Social Media Excellence.

Bentleys Accountants, a distinguished member of an international network of business advisors, is dedicated to providing comprehensive accounting, finance, tax, and advisory services. Operating in New Zealand, Bentleys combines efficiency in accounting and tax compliance with access to high-level advisory services. They pride themselves on innovation, utilizing advanced technology to lead transformative changes within the accounting profession in New Zealand.

Problem Statement

Despite being renowned for their outstanding financial services, Bentleys’ social media presence did not showcase their forward-thinking approach. The challenges included:

Underutilized Social Platforms: Bentleys was not effectively leveraging social media to showcase their innovative accounting processes and high-level advisory services.

Limited Audience Engagement: The existing social media strategy lacked engagement, resulting in a limited reach and interaction with the target audience.

Brand Perception: The brand’s online presence did not accurately convey the innovation and sophistication associated with their accounting and advisory services.


Strategic Content Alignment: Our social media management team at Data Cal collaborated with Bentleys to align their social media content with their innovative approach. This involved showcasing their advanced accounting processes, technological integration, and highlighting the benefits of their advisory services.

Engagement-Focused Campaigns: To address limited audience engagement, we initiated campaigns that encouraged active participation, including Q&A sessions, industry insights, and spotlight features on key team members. This helped humanize the brand and create a more interactive online community.

Visual Storytelling: Recognizing the need for a visual narrative, we incorporated infographics, videos, and visually appealing content to communicate complex financial concepts in an accessible manner. This contributed to improved content engagement and shareability.

Platform Optimization: Each social media platform was strategically optimized to maximize its potential. Tailored posts for LinkedIn highlighted professional insights, while Facebook featured concise updates, and Instagram showcased the more creative aspects of Bentleys’ innovative services.


The social media management initiatives produced tangible results for Bentleys Accountants:

Increased Engagement: Strategic content alignment and engagement-focused campaigns led to a 35% increase in overall social media engagement, fostering a more dynamic online community.

Enhanced Brand Perception: Visual storytelling and platform optimization resulted in a more sophisticated and innovative brand perception, resonating with both existing and potential clients.

Industry Thought Leadership: Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn positioned Bentleys as thought leaders in the accounting profession, generating industry discussions and recognition.

Improved Online Visibility: The strategic approach contributed to a 25% growth in social media followers, expanding Bentleys’ reach within the New Zealand business and finance community.

In conclusion, the social media management strategy without ads successfully addressed Bentleys Accountants’ online challenges, aligning their online presence with their innovative approach to accounting and advisory services. The results highlight the impact of tailored social media strategies in building a strong and engaging brand presence within the professional services industry.

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