Case Study: Khanz

Case Study

From Plates to Posts: How Khanz Mastered Social Media Engagement Without Ads

Khanz, a culinary haven known for its authentic Mediterranean cuisine, is dedicated to bringing the rich flavors and health benefits of this cuisine to food enthusiasts. With branches in Papatoetoe, Jellicoe Road, and the latest addition, Khanz Fusion, the brand prides itself on delivering delicious, nourishing food that captures the essence of Mediterranean dining.

Problem Statement

Despite Khanz’s commitment to quality and authenticity, their social media presence did not effectively translate the unique appeal of their cuisine. The key challenges included:

Limited Social Engagement: The existing social media strategy did not encourage engagement, resulting in a lack of interaction with the community and potential customers.

Underutilized Platforms: Khanz was not fully leveraging the potential of various social media platforms to showcase its diverse menu offerings, special events, and the unique atmosphere of its locations.

Inconsistent Brand Storytelling: The brand’s story and values were not consistently communicated across social media channels, impacting the establishment of a strong online brand identity.


Strategic Content Calendar: Our social media management team at Data Cal’s devised a comprehensive content calendar that highlighted Khanz’s diverse menu, special dishes, and the vibrant atmosphere of its locations. This included regular posts, engaging visuals, and themed content to captivate the audience.

Community Engagement Initiatives: To address the limited social engagement, we implemented community-centric initiatives, including polls, contests, and user-generated content campaigns. This encouraged followers to actively participate and share their experiences with the Khanz community.

 Platform Optimization: Recognizing the unique features of each social media platform, we optimized content for Facebook and Instagram. Tailored posts, hashtags, and interactive elements were strategically utilized to enhance engagement on each platform.

Consistent Brand Storytelling: A cohesive storytelling approach was implemented across all channels, emphasizing Khanz’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and the immersive experience of Mediterranean dining. This created a unified brand narrative that resonated with the target audience.


The social media management initiatives resulted in significant improvements for Khanz:

Enhanced Engagement: The implementation of community engagement initiatives led to a 40% increase in overall social media engagement, creating a vibrant and interactive online community.

Platform-Specific Success: Tailoring content to each platform contributed to a 15% increase in followers on Instagram, and a 10% boost in Facebook page likes.

Brand Consistency: The cohesive storytelling approach led to a more consistent brand identity, fostering brand loyalty and recognition among the audience.

Positive Customer Feedback: User-generated content and community engagement initiatives generated positive feedback, reviews, and recommendations, contributing to an improved online reputation.

In conclusion, the strategic social media management approach without ads successfully addressed Khanz’s online challenges, establishing a dynamic and engaging online presence that accurately reflects the essence of their Mediterranean culinary offerings. The results underscore the impact of community-focused strategies in building a loyal and interactive online customer base.

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