Case Study: Turbo and Diesel

Case Study

Turbo and Diesel's New Website Puts Them in the Driver's Seat

Turbo and Diesel is an automotive repair shop in Hamilton, New Zealand. The company offers a wide range of services, including vehicle servicing, WOF checks, air conditioning, and diesel injection repair. Turbo and Diesel also services commercial vehicles and small motorhomes.

The client had built a solid reputation for quality workmanship and expertise. However, their online presence did not match the caliber of their services, prompting them to seek a comprehensive web development solution.

Problem Statement

Despite Turbo and Diesel’s stellar reputation in the automotive industry, their outdated website did not effectively showcase their range of services, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The key challenges included:

Outdated Website Design: The existing website lacked a modern design, user-friendly interface, and mobile responsiveness, potentially turning away online visitors.

Limited Functionality: The website did not effectively highlight Turbo and Diesel’s specialized services, leading to a lack of online visibility and reduced lead generation.

Poor User Experience: Visitors faced difficulties navigating the site, finding relevant information, and contacting the company, resulting in a high bounce rate.


Revamped Website Design:

Our team at Data Cal conducted a comprehensive analysis of Turbo and Diesel’s needs and goals. The first step was to revamp the website’s design, focusing on a modern, clean aesthetic that reflected the professionalism and quality associated with the client’s services.

Enhanced Functionality:

To address the limited functionality, we implemented features that showcased Turbo and Diesel’s core services prominently. This included a dynamic service catalog, interactive elements, and clear calls to action for improved user engagement.

Mobile Optimization:

Recognizing the importance of mobile responsiveness, we ensured the website provided an optimal viewing experience across various devices. This not only improved user satisfaction but also positively impacted search engine rankings.

SEO Integration:

To enhance online visibility, we integrated robust SEO strategies tailored for the automotive service repair industry. This involved optimizing content, and meta tags, and implementing a local SEO approach to capture the target audience effectively.

User-Friendly Navigation:

Our team restructured the website’s navigation, making it intuitive and user-friendly. Visitors could easily find information about Turbo and Diesel’s services, contact details, and relevant resources.


The web development initiatives resulted in a transformative online presence for Turbo and Diesel:

Increased Online Visibility: The revamped website experienced a 40% increase in organic traffic within the first quarter, contributing to heightened brand visibility.

Improved User Engagement: The enhanced functionality and user-friendly design led to a 25% decrease in bounce rates, indicating improved visitor engagement.

Boosted Lead Generation: Clear calls-to-action and a well-structured service catalog resulted in a 30% increase in online inquiries, contributing to a healthier sales pipeline.

Positive Customer Feedback: Turbo and Diesel received positive feedback from both existing and new customers, citing the improved website’s ease of use and the transparent presentation of their services.

In conclusion, the web development project successfully addressed Turbo and Diesel’s online challenges, providing them with a modern, functional, and optimized platform that aligns with their industry-leading reputation. The results speak for themselves, showcasing the impact a strategic web development approach can have on a company’s online presence and business growth.

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