Payment Gateway Integration in Auckland

Let's Discuss Payment Gateway Integration Services Needs

Start your journey with us by booking a free consultation. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to meet your goals.

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Payment Gateway Integration in Auckland

Let's Discuss Payment Gateway Integration Services Needs.

Start your journey with us by booking a free consultation. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to meet your goals.

Email Address

09 242 2121

Payment Gateway Integration service in Auckland

Secure and Seamless Transactions with Data Cal's Payment Gateway Integration Services

Welcome to Data Cal, your reliable partner for payment gateway integration, based in Auckland, New Zealand. In the digital commerce arena, providing a secure and seamless transaction experience is paramount to earn customer trust and achieve business success. Our payment gateway integration services are tailored to ensure a smooth, secure, and reliable payment processing experience, enabling your business to handle online transactions effortlessly.

Our Payment Gateway Integration Offerings:

Custom Integration: Every business has unique needs. Our team provides custom payment gateway integration services, ensuring the payment process aligns well with your business operations and customer expectations.

Multi-Currency Support: Expand your business horizons with our multi-currency support feature, allowing you to accept payments in various currencies, catering to a global customer base.

Fraud Prevention: Security is our priority. Our integration services include robust fraud prevention and detection measures, safeguarding your business and your customers against fraudulent activities.

PCI Compliance: We ensure the integration adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, promoting a secure transaction environment and compliance with legal requirements.

Responsive Design: A seamless payment experience across all devices is crucial. We ensure that your payment gateway is mobile-responsive, providing an effortless transaction experience for your customers.

Support & Maintenance: Our dedicated support team is always on hand to provide assistance, ensuring the consistent performance and security of your payment gateway.


Embark on a journey towards secure and seamless online transactions with Data Cal. Our proficient team is ready to assist you in integrating a robust payment gateway, ensuring a trustworthy and smooth payment experience for your customers. Engage with us, and let’s elevate your digital commerce operations to new heights of success and customer satisfaction.


With a wealth of experience in payment gateway integration, our team navigates through the technical intricacies ensuring a smooth and secure transaction experience.

Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you throughout the integration process, ensuring a personalized experience and a solution that meets your business needs.

Competitive Pricing

Receive exceptional value for your investment with our competitive pricing. We provide transparent quotations with no hidden costs, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your payment gateway integration needs.

The Best Price Just For You

Payment Gateway Integration


One time cost

Consultation and Assessment: Understanding the client’s business model, target audience, and transaction volume. Recommending the most suitable payment gateway(s) based on the client’s needs.

Payment Gateway Selection: Assistance in selecting a reliable and cost-effective payment gateway.

Account Setup: Assistance with setting up the merchant account and payment gateway account.

Integration and Configuration: Integrating the chosen payment gateway with the client’s website or application. Configuring the payment gateway settings to ensure smooth transaction processing.

Custom Payment Forms: Designing and integrating custom payment forms to match the look and feel of the client’s website.

SSL Certificate Installation: Ensuring that the SSL certificate is properly installed for secure transactions.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing to ensure that the payment gateway is processing transactions correctly. Testing for different payment scenarios including successful payments, failed payments, and refunds.

Error Handling and Notifications: Implementing proper error handling for failed transactions. Setting up notification emails for transactions and any issues.

Reporting and Analytics: Setting up reporting and analytics to track transactions and sales data.

Compliance and Security: Ensuring compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other relevant regulations. Implementing security best practices to protect sensitive payment information.

Mobile Payments Integration (if applicable): Integrating mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Subscription and Recurring Payments Setup (if applicable): Setting up subscription and recurring payment options.

Documentation and Training: Providing documentation on how to manage the payment gateway settings. Training on how to process refunds, view transactions, and manage other payment gateway features.

Support and Troubleshooting: Offering a certain period of support for troubleshooting any payment gateway issues. Providing a clear channel of communication for any future support or enhancements.

Performance Monitoring: Monitoring the performance of the payment gateway to ensure consistent and reliable service.

Why Choose Us

Elevate Your Business with Our Expertise!

Unlock streamlined transactions with our Payment Integration expertise. Secure, tailored solutions enhance user experience, ensuring seamless, worry-free online payments for your business.

Expertise Matters

Skilled professionals, ensuring flawless payment integration solutions.

Security Priority

Robust encryption, safeguarding customer data, ensuring secure transactions.

Efficiency Unleashed

Streamlined processes, quick checkouts, optimizing payment flows for seamless experiences.

Tailored Solutions

Customized integrations, aligning with your unique business needs.


General Question's

Payment Gateway Integration involves connecting your e-commerce website or online platform to a payment gateway, enabling secure online transactions.

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